Track Where Your Content is Being Used: Usage Tracking


Usage Tracking is a SmartDocs feature that tells you where your snippets are being used and tracked. Usage Tracking is designed to work on a document-by-document basis.

The following tools are available to content managers

  • Snippet Usage Report
  • Current Document Report
  • Repository Report

This article will define these helpful content management tools and demonstrate how usage tracking works.

Usage Tracking may be turned On or Off at any point in the document life-cycle. Once set to On, SmartDocs will track the snippets that are being used in that document.

Usage Tracking data includes

  • Snippet name and unique ID
  • Version of the snippet that is in the document
  • Name of the document author
  • Date the document was last modified
  • Location of the document if on a shared network

To Turn Usage Tracking On:

  1. Click the Track Usage drop-down menu on the SmartDocs ribbon.
  2. Select Manage Usage Tracking.
  3. Click Enable Usage Tracking.
  4. Click Close. SmartDocs will now document all of the snippets that are currently being used in this document.

Track Usage Status Icons

Green – When Usage Tracking is up-to-date in your document, the Usage Tracking status arrow will display as green. As you work with your document, the Usage Tracking status arrow may change to a status of red or yellow.

Red – When the Track Usage status is red, it indicates that Usage Tracking is not synchronized due to snippet activity within the document. You need to re synchronize Usage Tracking before closing your document if snippets have been inserted, updated with new versions, updated within the document and saved to the repository, or removed from the document. Once you have re-saved the Usage Tracking data, the status will display as green again.

Yellow – When Usage Tracking status cannot be determined by SmartDocs the Usage Tracking status arrow will display as yellow. This means that the document has been moved, renamed, or copied. The Track Usage status indicator will allow you to tell SmartDocs what occurred, so that the Usage Tracking status can be properly resolved. Select the option that is relevant to your document in order to tell SmartDocs what to resolve and if snippet usage in the document should continue to be tracked.

NOTE: SmartDocs will prompt you to synchronize your Usage Tracking data when you attempt to close a document without saving the document or updating Usage Tracking. You can select the alerts you want to activate in the SmartDocs Preferences dialog box.

All evidence of Usage Tracking can be cleared and completely re-synchronized by accessing the Usage Tracking List in SharePoint, if necessary.

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