What is the SmartDocs API?


The SmartDocs API (Application Programming Interface) is used by developers to write their own code to programmatically execute SmartDocs commands. For example, the SmartDocs API can be used to populate the values of reusable variables, insert reusable snippets into a document, show and hide conditional text, and publish document output.

Typically, the SmartDocs API is used in VBA macro code. However, because SmartDocs is a COM add-in that implements the IDTExtensibility2 interface, any COM-supported programming language such as VB.NET or C#, can be used with the SmartDocs API.

SmartDocs API Use Cases

The SmartDocs API can be used in a variety of ways. You can write custom standalone VBA macros that you execute to invoke SmartDocs commands. In addition, you can write custom VBA macros that hook-in to SmartDocs specific commands, such as SmartBuilders and document publishing:

  • Custom standalone VBA macros.
  • Custom standalone programs using COM-supported programming language.
  • Custom VBA macro that is invoked from SmartBuilder.
  • Custom VBA macro that is invoked during document publishing.
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