How to use Document Properties as Reusable Variables


Microsoft® Word has built-in document properties that are used to track standard information. Instead of creating reusable variables to replicate similar information, you can use Microsoft Word document properties as variables.

When you use document properties as reusable variables, SmartDocs treats these properties as if they are variables. That is, the document properties are displayed in the SmartDocs user interface wherever variables are displayed (e.g., the SmartDocs task pane, the Reusable Variables dialog box, etc.). In addition, the properties can be inserted into the document just like variables can, and when the value for a property is updated all content using the property is immediately updated.

Types of document properties:

    • Core Properties: Author, Category, Comments, Keywords, Status, Subject, Title
    • Cover Page Properties: Abstract, Company Address, Company Email, Company Fax, Company Phone, Publish Date

To Use Document Properties as Reusable Variables

    1. Select the SmartDocs tab.
    2. Select Preferences.
    3. Select the Reusable Variables tab.
    4. Check the Core properties box.
    5. Check the Cover page properties box.
    6. Click Save.
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