What Variable Settings are Available?


In most cases, reusable variables are free text, meaning that they can accept any input as a value, and that they are published as plain text. However, in certain instances you may want to control the values that can be assigned to a variable.

Hyperlink Variables

A hyperlink variable allows you to associate a hyperlink with a reusable variable. When the document is published, all instances of the variable in the document will be converted to a hyperlink using the URL or address you specify.

Hyperlink variables are created by selecting the Publish this variable as a hyperlink setting and entering the URL or hyperlink address in the Hyperlink field. If the Hyperlink field is left blank, then the value in the Variable Value field is also used as the hyperlink.

Hyperlink variables are not converted to hyperlinks until your output is published using the Publish Document dialog box. In the source document that you publish from, hyperlink variables are treated as plain text.

Multiple Lines of Text Variables

A multiple line of text variable allows you to enter variable values that may span multiple lines such as your company address.

Pick List Variables

A pick list variable forces you to assign the reusable variable a value from a predefined list of values. That is, instead of the value being entered in a text box, it is selected from a drop-down list.

Pick list variables are created by selecting the Variable value must be selected from a list of values setting and entering the list of allowable values. Pick list variables cannot be edited inline in the document; they can only be updated using any of the edit variable dialog boxes.

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