What are 36 Office Hours?


36 Office Hours are free training sessions that are held once a month for SmartDocs customers.

Each 36 Office Hours session focuses on a specific topic or feature in SmartDocs and explores that topic or feature in great detail. The training session is held as a live webinar, which allows attendees to interact with the trainer and ask questions.

As a SmartDocs customer, 36 Office Hours are a great way for you to increase your knowledge and get the most out of SmartDocs. And did we mention they are free?

Register for a 36 Office Hours session

If you are a SmartDocs customer and you have subscribed to our newsletter, then you will receive a monthly email that contains a description of the upcoming 36 Office Hours session and registration information.

Watch a previous 36 Office Hours session

Recordings of previous 36 Office Hours sessions are available to everyone, including individuals who are not SmartDocs customers. All previous 36 Office Hours session are archived and accessible from this Support Center.

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