Coming Soon: SmartDocs for Excel


SmartDocs for Excel is a new SmartDocs module that incorporates core SmartDocs functionality directly into Microsoft Excel. The initial SmartDocs for Excel release will include:

  • The familiar SmartDocs ribbon and task pane integrated directly into Microsoft Excel.
  • The ability to search and browse for existing reusable snippets and insert them into a worksheet.
  • The ability to filter and see "Excel only" snippets that meet the simplified formatting restrictions supported by Excel.
  • The ability to edit snippet content once it has been inserted into a spreadsheet.
  • Support for reusable variables.
  • The ability to publish a clean Excel workbook.

The SmartDocs for Excel user interface will look quite familiar to existing SmartDocs users:

SmartDocs for Excel

SmartDocs for Excel will be released with the next version of SmartDocs (SmartDocs 2014.1). SmartDocs 2014.1 will be available before the end of the year.

If you have any questions about SmartDocs for Excel, please contact your ThirtySix Software representative or email our support team at

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