SmartDocs 2.2.1 is now available


SmartDocs 2.2.1 is a minor release for SmartDocs that contains enhancements to existing features and fixes to existing SmartDocs functionality. SmartDocs 2.2.1 includes all enhancements and fixes included in SmartDocs releases up through SmartDocs 2.2.0.

Download and Installation

You can download the installer and release notes here: Download SmartDocs 2.2.1

After downloading the files to your computer, follow the instructions in the release notes to install SmartDocs 2.2.1.

What is New in this Release?

SmartDocs 2.2.1 contains enhancements to existing functionality and contains fixes to issues that have been reported to us by our customers. SmartDocs 2.2.1 also contains support for Microsoft Word 2013, SharePoint 2013, Windows 8, and Office 365. A summary of these enhancements and fixes is provided in the release notes.

Need Some Help?

If you have a question or need assistance installing or using SmartDocs 2.2.1 please send our support team a request at

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