What Happens During the Document Publishing Process?


During the publication process SmartDocs creates a clean version of your document. However, your source document remains intact with all of its SmartDocs tags.

When you publish your document all variables will display as text instead of placeholders in your published document, the blue outline around snippets and variables will no longer display, conditional text highlighting will be removed, conditional text that is tagged as hidden will be removed, and numbered lists that contain hidden content will be renumbered correctly.

If your document contains a Table of Contents, Tables of Figures, or Tables of Authorities Numbered Figures they will also be renumbered correctly throughout your document.

If your document contains Document Snapshots, you can do a Bulk Publish to publish the output for each of the snapshot variations all at one time.

What output formats does SmartDocs support?

SmartDocs allows you to publish your documents to Microsoft® Word 97-2003 (*.doc), Word 2007-2010 (*.docx), and Adobe® PDF (*.pdf). SmartDocs also integrates with ePublisher, an advanced publishing solution from WebWorks® that supports publishing to formats such as online help and mobile device output.

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