What are Reusable Snippets?


Reusable snippets are chunks of content (also known as topics), that an author or content manager has identified as reusable content. Snippets can be created from any content that you can highlight in Microsoft® Word, including rich text, paragraphs, tables, graphics, and more.

Reusable snippets are stored in your SmartDocs SharePoint repository and are classified using the metadata that has been configured for that repository. Once snippets have been created and stored, other SmartDocs users can search for and drag-and-drop these snippets into their documents.

Reusable snippets can be granular (e.g., sentences or paragraphs) or they can contain entire chapters or sections of content. Snippets also support Microsoft Word styles, so snippets that are reused in different documents can take on a different appearance in each document.

The screenshot below shows a reusable snippet in a Microsoft Word document. In this example, the snippet is called Recycling Information and it contains multiple paragraphs and rich text.

NOTE: When your cursor is placed inside of a snippet you will see visual cues – an outline surrounding the snippet content and a tab that displays the name of the snippet – to indicate that the content is a snippet.

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