How does SmartDocs Handle Cross References Across Snippets?


SmartDocs fully supports the use of cross references using standard Microsoft® Word functionality.

You can embed bookmarks and cross references in a reusable snippet, and when that snippet is reused in a document the cross references will function as expected as long as the source and target of the cross reference exist in the current document.

For example, if you use SmartDocs to create two reusable snippets:

  • Balance Sheet – that contains a bookmark named Balance_Sheet and a cross reference to a bookmark named Income_Statement.
  • Income Statement – that contains a bookmark named Income_Statement and a cross reference to a bookmark named Balance_Sheet.

If the Balance Sheet and Income Statement snippets are both inserted into the same document, then the cross reference from each snippet to the other will function as expected.

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    George Moore

    This doesn't seem to work as described.
    I continually get an "Error! Reference source not found."

    Two reusable snippets. Only one is referencing the other. One reference is referring to the figure's number, the other is the page number of that figure. Both snippets are in the document. However, the link breaks.

    How to fix this?

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