Reviewer Guidelines for Non-SmartDocs Users


Since SmartDocs is based on Microsoft® Word, SmartDocs users can route Microsoft Word documents created using SmartDocs to any Microsoft Word user for review. These reviewers do not need to have SmartDocs installed on their computer in order to open and review documents created using SmartDocs.

When a non-SmartDocs user opens a Microsoft Word document created using SmartDocs, this non-SmartDocs user will be able to see all content, including reusable snippets, reusable variables, and conditional text. The non-SmartDocs user will be able to edit the document just like any Microsoft Word document, including using Microsoft Word comments and track changes.

When the SmartDocs user gets a document back from review, all comments and tracked changes from the reviewer will be in the document, and track changes can be accept and reject like always. If tracked changes are accepted within a reusable snippet, SmartDocs will recognize that the snippet as changed and the SmartDocs user can decide whether or not to save the snippet changes back to the SmartDocs repository.

For additional information regarding reviewing documents created using SmartDocs, please refer to the documents attached to this article.

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