How do I Configure the Metadata for my Reusable Snippet Library?


SmartDocs allows you to configure the metadata for the reusable snippet library in each SmartDocs repository.

A new reusable snippet library has a single metadata field titled Snippet Name. This metadata field is a required field because it is used by SmartDocs to store the name of your reusable snippets. The remainder of the metadata for the snippet library is completely configurable, so you can create metadata fields that are relevant for the reusable snippets you will be storing in the SmartDocs repository.

Reusable snippet metadata is defined and configured using SharePoint columns. That is, by default, every custom SharePoint column that you add to your reusable snippet library will be displayed in SmartDocs as custom metadata for that SmartDocs repository.

For example, if you create a Choice column (a type of drop-down menu), called Industry for your snippet library in SharePoint, then SmartDocs will display Industry in the user interface as a drop-down menu when you create new reusable snippets for this repository.

The following SharePoint column types are supported by SmartDocs:

  • Single line of text
  • Multiple lines of text
  • Choice (drop-down menu, radio buttons, or check box list)
  • Number
  • Yes/No
  • Lookup

For each column you create in SharePoint, SmartDocs will enforce the following SharePoint column settings to control the behavior and validation of the metadata field in SmartDocs:

  • Require that this column contains information
  • Default value
  • Maximum number of characters (for Single line of text columns)
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