What are SmartFinders?


SmartFinders allow writers to quickly find and insert existing reusable snippets into their documents without requiring the writer to use the SmartDocs Search or Browse feature.

Template authors create and embed SmartFinders in document templates. Each SmartFinder contains a predefined search that runs against your SmartDocs repository when the SmartFinder is executed. When a writer creates a new document from these templates, the writer can double-click on a SmartFinder, view a filtered list of already authored and approved snippets, and then select the snippets to insert into their document.

What do SmartFinders look like?

When the writer double-clicks on the SmartFinder, SmartDocs automatically executes a predefined search against your SmartDocs repository to retrieve the predefined list of filtered snippets.

The screenshot below shows a SmartFinder that helps a writer easily find client reference snippets:

The writer can then select and insert the desired snippets into their document:

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