How do I Create a New SmartFinder?


Follow the steps below to create a new SmartFinder and embed it in a Microsoft® Word template.

Create a SharePoint View

In order to create a SmartFinder, you first must create a view in SharePoint that filters the list of snippets to display to the writer.

To Create a View in SharePoint

  1. Go to your SmartDocs repository.
  2. Select your Snippet Library.
  3. Create a view in SharePoint that contains the filtered list of snippets that you want to the SmartFinder to display.

Guidelines to keep in mind when you create a view in SharePoint

  • Give the view in SharePoint a meaningful name. For example, Client References.
  • Configure the filter criteria on the view to return the snippets that the SmartFinder should display.
  • Ensure the view's Folders option is set to Show all items without folders.

Create a SmartFinder in a Microsoft Word template

To Create a SmartFinder in a Microsoft Word Template

  1. Open the Microsoft Word Template to embed the SmartFinder in.
  2. Place your cursor where you want to insert the SmartFinder.
  3. Go to the SmartDocs tab.
  4. Select the Assembly drop-down menu.
  5. Select New SmartFinder.
  6. Complete all of the fields in the New SmartFinder dialog box.
  7. Click Create.

NOTE: When creating the SmartFinder, be sure to select the SmartDocs repository and view in SharePoint that you previously created. Once the SmartFinder has been created it can executed by double-clicking on it.

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