What is a SmartBuilder?


A SmartBuilder allows template authors to create interview-style wizards to help writers quickly and easily assemble new documents. By answering questions and making selections, SmartDocs will automatically build some, most, or all of your document depending on how you set up your custom requirements.

The template author has complete control over the design of a SmartBuilder. The author designs a user interface for the SmartBuilder that can contain any number of screens and any number of controls on each screen. The template author then instructs the SmartBuilder to perform any number of actions using the data entered by the writer in the SmartBuilder.

When new documents are created from these templates, the SmartBuilder executes and prompts the writer to answer a series of questions in an easy, wizard-based format. The SmartBuilder then uses these answers to automatically assemble part or all of the writer's document.

What does a SmartBuilder look like?

When a writer creates a new document from a template that contains a SmartBuilder, the SmartBuilder automatically launches and walks the writer through the process of assembling a new document.

After the writer has completed filling out the fields in the SmartBuilder wizard the SmartBuilder automatically assembles part or all of the writer's document.

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