How do I Edit an Existing SmartFinder?


If you want to change the list of snippets displayed when the SmartFinder is executed, then you need to update the filter criteria for the SharePoint view used by the SmartFinder. You can update the SharePoint view filter criteria using the Edit View page in SharePoint.

NOTE: If you have already opened Microsoft Word and executed the SmartFinder that uses the SharePoint view you are making changes to, then you will need to close and re-open Microsoft Word in order for the SharePoint view changes to take effect.

To Edit the Properties for the SmartFinder (e.g., SmartFinder title, placeholder text, etc.)

  1. Place your cursor in the SmartFinder.
  2. Go to the SmartDocs tab.
  3. Select the Assembly drop-down menu.
  4. Select Edit SmartFinder.
  5. Edit the SmartFinder properties.
  6. Click Save.

If you want to change the SmartDocs repository or SharePoint view that is used by an existing SmartFinder, then you need to delete the existing SmartFinder from your template and create a new SmartFinder with the desired SmartDocs repository and SharePoint view.

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